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Kim Watson's enchanted violet forest

"These photographs were taken using the brand new Lomochrome Purple 35mm film on a Canon EOS 3000 camera. The project focuses on documenting a piece of protected and hidden woodland near to my home, just 15 minutes from the bustling city centre, called “Ploughman Wood”."

See more of Kim's work on instagram at @kimxwatson

ALTER/ANALOG: What attracts you to Lomochrome Purple?

KW: The clue is in the name - I love the colour purple. I often use purple or blue filters on my camera, but this film does that job for me. The beauty of the film is that you can’t predict exactly how it will come out. Green becomes purple, yellow becomes is very fun to play around with. It’s very whimsical.

ALTER/ANALOG:  You are continually experimenting with film.  What's next? 

KW: I’ve been experimenting with film for so long now that I’m actually wanting to go back to basics, maybe just some classic black and white film. In the Autumn I’m returning to University so hopefully I can play around in the dark room, and employ my souping techniques on a larger format, probably medium format.

ALTER/ANALOG: What camera did you shoot these photos on? 

KW: I only have one working camera and that is my trusty old Canon EOS 3000. I bought it for just £25 during a college lunch break 6 years ago. It’s not pretty, high end or complicated, but I love it.

ALTER/ANALOG: Do you find your work has a theme? 

KW: I have always photographed nature and landscapes, particularly the small woodland spaces near my home. In part, this is simply because I enjoy walking in the countryside, but I also think these ancient places are magical, beautiful and at risk of being built on, so I like to enjoy and record them while I can. The beauty of nature is that there’s so much to explore in the smallest of spaces and it changes constantly with the seasons and time.

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