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Konrad Janowski

Konrad Janowski has only been shooting for a year and taking film photos for six months, but he didn't hesitate to jump right into alternative methods, souping his film in homemade high voltage alcohol.

See more of Konrad's work on instagram at @kondziorr_

ALTER/ANALOG:  When did you start taking photos?

KJ: I always loved photography but never get proper camera, I take photos seriously from about one year but with analog camera from about six months and I love it!

ALTER/ANALOG:  What did you soup your photos in?

KJ: I prefer traditional ways, but sometimes it's good to change something I make soup from home made high voltage alcohol.

ALTER/ANALOG:  What inspires you?

KJ: I never think about it, but I love street photography. Street culture is important thing for me, I start with minimalism and geometrical photos.

ALTER/ANALOG:  How did you get interested in alternative processes?

KJ: My girlfriend studies art & design and she told me about alternate methods, so I tried, and I really like it, next time maybe lemon juice.

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