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La Fille Renne used a little known technique that resulted in awe inspiring photos

La Fille Renne is prolific and her work showcases her fearlessness as a photographer. She uses a variety of progressive film techniques to achieve her unique and spectacular results. Here she describes the technique used for these images:

"I used a particular technique, developed by the Japanese photographer Hodachrome, the EBS technique : both sides of the film are exposed. Plus, I use Lomochrome 35mm film to achieve those colors."

La Fille Renne is on instagram at @lafillerenne

ALTER/ANALOG: These images are incredible.  Can you explain how you expose both sides of the film?

LFR: Thank you ! I use a technique called "EBS" (exposing both sides of the film), very used by the Japanese photographer Hodachrome (Hodaka Yamamoto). You have to mark the beginning of the film, shoot the entire roll, then rewind. In a darkroom you have to flip the film, begin the film with the help of the mark (because you don't want to have shifted photographs), and shoot again. If you use a 400 ISO, the "wrong" side has to be shoot like a 100 ISO. To achieve more dreamy results, I use films with strange colors, like the Lomochrome Purple & Turquoise films from Lomography

ALTER/ANALOG:  You are quite a well known photographer.  Congratulations! You are always creating new work.  What new projects are you working on that we can look forward to?

LFR: Thank you again. I don't have many time to shoot this year (and I'm very sad about that), but after all I'm working on new projects : a new book ("Life on film, vol. 3"), two collective art shows in Paris this month, a series of movies shot on 35mm film with friends Laure Giappiconi and Elisa Monteil, and I created a printed magazine with friend Rapahela Icguane, called Polysème, about feminism, art and film photography (

ALTER/ANALOG:  Is there a theme that you explore throughout your work?

LFR: I like to explore many themes : people, the human body, the human intimacy, feelings, emotions, dreams, feminism, ... I love working with humans, and I always try to capture a secret part of what people are, and what make them unique. Especially with women. I'm very tired of these very sexualized female nudes, taken by men with always the same poses, that all seem to come out of the same fantasy of an heterosexual man. I try to show something else, other poses, a more intimate atmosphere and photos that can show other facets of the body, with a more feminist vision. I also like to take pictures of landscapes during my travels

ALTER/ANALOG:  Can you tell us about osteology?LFR: At the university I studied a lot the mammals osteology and the relationship between humans and other species in past times. It's not my job anymore, but I teach sciences, so, I keep a link with that. I used to build real skeletons (birds, foxes, cats, ...) when I had the time.
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