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LauraAmy Patterson's poetic artistry

LauraAmy Patterson is a film photographer from San Jose CA. Showing the surreal world that lies underneath our everyday 'real' ones is a passion she takes very seriously.

In her current projects she's incorporating words and imagery to convey the poetic sense of life underlying everyday existence.

See more of LauraAmy's work on instagram at @_august_skies_

I string together a piece of me

I am so much less than I think

And so much more than I know

On stage I sing, looking down below

But only in my dreams

I show my images

And wait and see

If I could disappear would I?

Do they understand what I'm trying to say?

Where I have come from and what I have seen.

The sadness and depth and beauty and dreams.

Death and madness and heart wrenching pain.

Beauty so utterly deafening the sky screams

'Oh look and see! Look and see!'

Love oh love

I'll dream and dream

Nikon f3

Fuji 200


I asked for this

I sigh

Deeply vast in your eyes

I'm gone


When I last held tight

I went away in this sigh

I want more

More than this

To live not to die

Promise I'll grab with every breath

The depth of this deep inside

Gone not forgotten dreams that never die

Nikon f3

Fuji 200




Green glow




D o w n

I don't know

I just don't know

Nikon f3

Fuji 200


Give me beauty.

Give me strife.

Pour it in a glass, no thanks I don't want ice.

Nikon f3

Fuji 200


I walked home last night

Memories passed like flashing light

I walked in the middle of that suburban road

Smoked a cigarette and thought about

The rebel rose who comes out

Walking home

Tungsten lights guiding down

I smell the feeling

And remember how

They can not stop me no way no how

Wasn't what they wanted then and wont be what they want now

Don't put me in your box no way no how

Cause baby I'm an anarchist

I'll not sit on a shelf then and I'll not sit on a shelf now.

Nikon f3

Fuji 200


Gonna wear mary janes until I die

Used to buy em and get high

14 years old livin life

Punk rock shows and desperate lies

Just get me there

Some place to live life

Get me away from this daily strife

Shes here now

Just livin life

14 years old and still high

Nikon f3

Fuji 200


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