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Leah Diament captures the authentic self

Leah is a Denver photographer with a love of street photography and portraiture. She loves alternative print processes and collage techniques. She's most inspired when experimenting with new printing processes and films and aims to capture people in their most authentic moments.

See more of Leah's work on Instagram at @avagabondsvisual

A/A:  How were these images created?

LD: All of the images were created using 35 mm film, the first four are on purple lomo chrome the fifth is on cross processed expired ektachrome and the last was a cross processed expired mystery film.

A/A: What got you interested in film?

LD: I was living in Vietnam and there's a huge emergence of do and analog culture in Hanoi. I became curious and started experimenting with different films when I moved back home.

A/A:  Do you have a favorite thing to shoot?

LD: I love taking photos of people while they are waiting, typically in an urban setting.

A/A:  What is your biggest inspiration?

LD: My biggest inspiration is the drive to and from work. I get an opportunity to see the world, as mundane as it can seem, in the most beautiful light of the day twice a day.  It gives me an opportunity to understand my surroundings better and to be given creative ideas as I drive along.

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