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Lola Latella's moody Buenos Aires

Lola Latella's alt processed photos capture the feel of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The photos are full of motion and energy, which characterize the city. One could argue the photos are a more realistic representation of the city than a straight up shot that isn't processed in any special way.

See more of Lola's work in instagram at @lolatella and @accidentallyalive

ALTER/ANALOG: How were these images created?

LL: I've create those images in a few places, you know. One of them was my old house; I remember that sad Sunday, but then went all fine finally; sadness can help to the creative side. The rest of images was created in moments more than places, and some thing that I love, is sharing and spreading colors. This images was taken mostly in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires. In the majority of the cases, places with persons that are away from my life now. I guess that this photos have a huge quantity of sentimental nostalgic. Also, I guess that all of my photos have this, and I'm pretty sure that I make moments AND images. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What inspires you?

LL: What inspires me, is all what I have around me. First of all. Also, I have inspiration in a lot of collegues, of course. I love to spend time watching images, photographies, famous artists, and I enjoy a lot reading about photography. Lately, I'm reading about theorical thinking of photography. And I really love it. All of this inspiration, also makes me feel very happy and makes me feel embraced about other artists who also love shooting film and keeping moments, creating. 

ALTER/ANALOG: How did you discover alternative processes?

LL: Alternative processes came to me by accident. I saw lots of images made wiht that purpose, but I really never reach a type of method. It really happens a day, with my ex boy, when we were developing at home, but we never think that chemicals have a limit, so.. we ruined lots of photos, but for my surprise, I found lots of happy accidents, and it really became a big first step for all my alternative photos. I'm glad of people liking my images, sometimes in a level that I can't believe it :) So, I love it. 

ALTER/ANALOG: When did you begin shooting with film?

LL: Humm, I've started shooting film since 6 years ago, with a Lomography La Sardina; there was the firsts double exposures, and then is when all that magic started. 

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