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Lorcan Gould's sabatier effect

Dry plate series using the sabbatier effect in the darkroom by re-exposing the plate while developing it.

"I like to use my photography to take you on a journey."

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A/A: How long have you worked in the darkroom?

LG: I started in the darkroom about a year or so ago (at the age of 16) when I first got access to an amazing darkroom. Having access to this darkroom was so freeing and I could just experiment a lot more with different techniques and it also saves me money as I can develop film myself. This also makes the process of photography for me so much more real and physical compared to digital, however it can be frustrating sometimes, but the rewards are always worth it.

A/A: Your work is so varied. Do you find it has a common theme?

LG: I think I use photography as a kind of medium to document my life, my thoughts, and experiences and I've been experimenting with that a lot over the last year or so, really trying to find my style or something like that. So I would say kind of by the way of expressing myself in my work. I'm still trying to figure it out, learn and experiment with my body of work as a young artist.

A/A: How long have you shot film?

JG: I've been shooting film for about 2 years. I started with an old 110 film camera that was my grandparents using the Lomography 110 film, and then I swiftly moved on to a 35mm manual film camera, which allowed me to learn more about film photography and just practice more, then later experimenting with more experimental techniques.

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