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Madalyn Baker's unique images evoke wonder and beauty

Madalyn Baker uses an extraordinarily wide variety of techniques to create her unique images. Although she hasn't shot film for very long, she has created a plethora of work and experimented with many alt processes.

She is on instagram as @owelshift

ALTER/ANALOG: What processes do you use to create these images?

A lot of 35mm shown are double exposure using the process of shooting with a fisheye camera first then double exposing a panorama shot over that; either left complete or half of a few rolls have been triple exposed using a process where you can long expose light blings into the image. Another process shown in this set of images is a holga image with portra 120, with color gels laid inside the camera to create a cotton candy effect. Another is my first film soup with double exposed panorama images with the light blings added in. My film soup blend consisted of bleach and vinegar. The process ruined a lot of the film I sent in but I practiced on rolls with less exciting content, knowing that there would be a learning process involved. But the results were so magical, I'm extremely grateful for how much film teaches me.

ALTER/ANALOG: Your work is very centered on the feminine.  We'd love to have some of your thoughts on women's issues.

I think my place in this life is to teach all individuals however they identify the feminine & masculine balance of things. We live in such a world right now where both womxn & men are at each other’s throats as far as rights & roles which is eliminating compassion~ and compassion rules over any ego; so without it we’re left with a whole bunch of ego running around but wheres the balance & compassion for everyone no matter how they identify? I’m here in hopes of guiding that divine compassion into other’s hearts & for me that’s showing in my photo’s balance of the feminine & the masculine. Abandoned structures + flowers. Rust + beautiful curves of the body. I find if you look amongst nature it is the greatest teacher of these two things combined with what man has built.

ALTER/ANALOG:  How long have you been shooting film?

I have only been shooting film for about 2 1/2 years now. When I got sober I met a guy who was into graffiti, light painting & film, which proceeded to totally captivate me and all these sides of me that had been lost while still actively using. So that being said he introduced me to disposables from the thrift store; I began shooting photos of graffiti with them and making tons of mistakes not really understanding much of what I was doing- but I'd get a roll back, it'd be pretty dark or whatever was wrong & he slowly showed me my mistakes. It wasn't until last summer that I really got into photography and realized my talent within in. Since then learning about my dslr taught me more about my film cameras, all of them.. haha and then learning the different tricks, processes, & films opened up to me and I fell in love. I'm only at the beginning stages of this but I can't wait to see where I am a year from now.

ALTER/ANALOG:  You have a business: Liquid Goddess.  Can you tell us more about it?

Liquid Goddess is a small project I have been working on and trying to start up for a little over a year now. It’s a small skincare company that focuses on natural healing through herbs, flowers & the infusion of crystals. I discovered my love for herbs about 2 years ago when I believe i had a second chance at this life~ I am recovering addict who was extremely lost & had almost lost my life for good until I was saved by friends & family. After getting sober I realized I had done a lot of damage to my body & skin as well as having allergic reactions to long list of chemicals & products in my everyday routine & needed a change I could trust. There began my long lost interest in the mother nature & I began to feel my intuition telling me just what to make and how. Not only has it changed & healed my body but I hope to perfect this art & become a certified herbalist so I can help other addicts & people in need how to heal naturally as well

ALTER/ANALOG:  You have had amazing work censored by social media.  What are your thoughts on censorship?

For me personally this has not been a very long journey of censorship. But in a brief few months it has blown my mind how easily social media can degrade anyone’s bodies & tell them essentially that how look how they were born or how they identify is wrong & should be hidden. When i believe day in & day out like I said that balance & compassion & VULNERABILITY is so necessary for the sake of our race so we can grow together to save our planet. For me I started to find hope in my physical appearance when I began to spend time alone naked. Walking around my home naked, allowing myself nude in pictures, dancing naked to music & being completely free. So for them to take that from me or anyone just proves that these ‘higher up’s’ you could say are here to not only diminish any chance of power within us but teach us that we need them to feel better about ourselves. It all stems back to everything i’ve said thus far about uneven balance between feminine & masculine, addiction (doctors giving you unnecessary pills to make you ‘better’ which lead to addictions elsewhere) as we know its all a rat race & as long as we stand up for EACH OTHER & ourselves & find compassion & love in all we do we will survive together & we will make save this planet.

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