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Marco Hub traveled the world and captured the dynamic that is all around us

Updated: May 23, 2019

"My name is Marco Hub, I am 27-years old and originally from a small city close to Munich in Germany. I've been doing several different things in my life, like joining the army becoming a pilot, working in industry, being a dog sitter, a precision driver for BMW, a bartender, a constructer, a fruitpicker, a language teacher and so on and I studied Molecular Biology. Still not knowing what I really like to do, because there were allways so many things I was interested in and I really tried a lot of different things but with no real satisfaction when I was thinking about doing one thing for my whole life. I started to travel, through Europe and later through South America, Mexico and Canada. I started making photographs first with disposables cameras, then I bought my first point and shoot camera, a "Yashica T5" and later after my Yashica got stolen I bought a "Olympus Mju II" and I figured out that I could combine all these things I do for a living with photography. I finally saw in my interest in so many things an oppurtinity to do something consistent in my volatile life. When I was studying Molecular Biology I figured out that everything around us is dynamic and vibrant and not at all steady! I internalized this thought and it became something like a faith for me to belive in alteration. And this alteration and dynamic I try to put in something steady. A photograph. A shot that gives the observer the possibility to create a dynamic imagination of what could have been happening in this shot."

See more of Marco's work on instagram at @macro_buh

ALTER/ANALOG: How were these images created?

MH: These images where all taken with my "Yashica T5" and my "Olympus Mju II" on different places around the world. Some in Germany, some in Morocco and some in Canada while I was traveling.

ALTER/ANALOG:  What inspires you?

MH: My inspiration is my urge to freedom and freedom contains for me to make the decision of creating your own life. To do what you like to do even though it is kind of risky because there is no role model way how to do it. You need to figure it out by your own.

Art and in my case photography is an expression of my sense of freedom, my decision of being a creator and of my way. A kind of concept to other people to show them what freedom might look like and to give all those who are too afraid to be the creator of their life an impulse of self-confidence. And although I never told them, my mother's and my sister's love and acceptance of who I am was the inspiring force that guided me in the direction of seeking for freedom.

ALTER/ANALOG:  Are these certain subject you like to shoot in particular?

MH: Do you mean if there ARE certain subjects I like to shoot in particular? If so I just can say: YES! I really enjoy taking photographs of interesting people I meet in an unusual circumstances at a rare place where not just the setting gives the shot something magic but more the secret behind the biography of this particular person. Nothing in those photographs is faked because that is what I want to show! The reality and not an illusion in what a lot of people already living in.

ALTER/ANALOG: What are you working on next?

MH: I actually trying to organize myself with all my ideas which includes also all my photographs on my computer, in my treasure box on my mobile phone and in my head to create a better concept to apply to a university for Photography. I am trying to focus on different projects the university's want to see in the application. I was on a 17-month journey through Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Portugal and China so there is a lot to organize in my chaotic mind and my chaotic photographs and that is not that easy but I will get used to that again. Hopefully!

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