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Marlene Lacasse chases light

Marlene Lacasse is a creative director and producer based in Los Angeles with a background in filmmaking and photojournalism. Her love for film photography began at a young age, shooting with disposable cameras. For over a decade, she has experimented with film photography, creating "film soups" using ingredients that reflect the subjects or locations of her images. Through this process, the physical alteration of the film creates unexpected, surreal swirls of color. Marlene personally hand-develops all of her film.

Marlene's passion for exploring new places and chasing light is evident in her photography. She particularly enjoys creating visual projects with musicians and loves the energy of live concerts. Her two cats hold a special place in her heart.

See more of Marlene's work on instagram at: @latent_to_light

Marlene's website is at:

A/A: What ingredients do you use in your film soups?

ML: When it comes to concocting my film soup, I draw inspiration from the essence of the subject or the location where I am capturing my images. I strive to infuse the soup with ingredients that embody the people, places, or emotions depicted in the photographs within the roll.

For example, when I travelled to Peru and Chile, I included Pisco that I brought home from my travels there. I also used lots of clementines because I ate lots of them while I was there. When shooting a friend of mine, I used ingredients based on her music, such as purple ingredients like flowers and lavender because that color is a theme in her visuals. I used epsom salts because she loves baths, and saline drops to represent tears because of the emotions associated with her music. I also included some LA river water because that's where we shot the photos. I like including ingredients related to the subject matter because, to me, it adds another layer of depth in how the film "reacts".

As a general rule of thumb, my ingredients are mostly natural and/or things you could find in your kitchen. Acidic ingredients typically give the most vibrant and drastic results, so I always include some form of citrus as well as vinegar.

The film interacts with these ingredients, creating a chemical dance that results in subtle variations, unexpected hues, and intriguing textures. This organic reaction between the film and the ingredients becomes an integral part of the storytelling process.The film's reaction to the ingredients I use adds an element of unpredictability and serendipity to my work. It introduces an element of chance and discovery, as each roll of film carries the potential for unique and unrepeatable results.

A/A: Nature plays a big role in this series of photos. I also see a lot of portraiture in your work. Are these purposeful themes?

ML: Nature and portraiture hold significant roles in my photography. With a background in photojournalism, my focus is on capturing the world as I experience it, without preconceived poses or themes. The beauty and tranquility of nature, along with the genuine moments of human connection, inspire and guide my work. I find immense joy in documenting the ephemeral and authentic moments that unfold naturally, be it the vast landscapes, delicate details, or the expressions and personalities of individuals.

While I don't typically engage in formal photoshoots with predetermined concepts, I am drawn to the fleeting and candid instances that capture the essence of people and the world around me. These themes arise organically from my personal experiences, travels, and exploration. Whether I'm immersed in nature's grandeur or capturing the emotions of my friends and encounters, my photography reflects a desire to convey the beauty and authenticity that I encounter along my journey. Through my lens, I strive to encapsulate the genuine moments and the interconnectedness between humanity and the natural world, showcasing the remarkable stories unfolding in our midst.

A/A: What, or who, inspires you?

ML: "Chasing light" is my guiding mantra, as I find profound inspiration in the various manifestations of light. It encompasses both the physical act of actively seeking out and capturing beautiful light in its optimal state and the metaphorical pursuit of capturing the essence of lightness.

Physically, I immerse myself in the process, actively moving and exploring to find those magical moments when light interacts with the surroundings in a captivating way. It involves running around, scouting locations, and positioning myself to witness the perfect interplay of light and subject.

Beyond the physicality, "chasing light" also encompasses capturing the feeling of lightness, the ethereal quality that light can bring to an image. It is about capturing the intangible, the way light can uplift and evoke a sense of joy, serenity, or wonder.

"Chasing light" is about illuminating moments, frames, and perspectives that can bring light to others when they see them. It is about showcasing the beauty, the emotions, and the stories hidden within the interplay of light and shadow. By capturing and sharing these moments, I aim to bring a sense of illumination and inspiration to those who view my work.

In essence, "chasing light" encompasses the physical pursuit, the emotional connection to lightness, and the intention to share the light with others through the art of photography.

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