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Max Van der wal's lensless images

Lensless image creation in the analog and digital domain

"This series showcases different experiments in destroyed analog film, combined with the scanning of objects and stills from a digital visual transformation patch written within the program Max MSP.

The first two pictures are from a roll of black and white film which I had soaked in coffee for a few days. The film got destroyed to such an extent that with naked eye nothing could be seen on the film, but after scanning I found liquid-like shapes and green and purple colours.

The next two pictures are of film boiled in water with a dishwasher cube. The major differences in both pictures arise from the type of scanning used. With negative scanning there is a light on the other side of the light, whereas with flatbed scanning there isn’t.

All these photo’s are completely abstract, in the sense that there is no object that has been photographed, not even a photo that has been made, yet there is a sense of reality in all of these."

See more of Max's work on instagram at @mvdwal

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