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Melis Canturk destroys old negatives to create abstraction

Melis Canturk isn't afraid of completely obliterating a roll of film and the memories it holds. Using a chemical mix, Melis makes something new arise from these old negatives. A longtime film photographer, Melis strives to find the unspoken truth.

See Melis' work on instagram at @meeliscntrk

ALTER/ANALOG: What got you interested in analog photography?

MC: I have been interested in analog cameras since I was a child, I have been collecting and taking pictures with analog camera. And since I also produce my work from negative film, I can say that my analogues exist for my usage.

ALTER/ANALOG: How was this series of images created?

MC: I have negative films that I had accumulated since the year 2007 and I didn't want to see some of those pictures anymore, but the idea of total destruction made me think. I rewashed it with the chemical mixture I created it from, and the result was an abstract photo, so I felt like I wasn't just looking at a picture, but I was examining a new picture. And now they're a special piece for me.

ALTER/ANALOG: What attracts you to using photography as a medium of abstraction?

MC: Generally I use corrupted or broken cameras, trying to get a defective photo. Or I find various methods to change my negative films during the process of production, because it is a way of letting the pictures for itself, leaving all the marks, the picture being untouched, or changing its unspoken truth.

ALTER/ANALOG:  What is your favorite alternative process?

MC: I love any process or mark that will leave a long lasting impression.

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