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Michaela Dubar's LomoChrome Purple world

"I am 28 years old. I was born and raised in California, currently I live in Indiana. My personal philosophy is to appreciate life and all of its beauty."

See more of Michaela's work on Instagram at @_eternallygrateful_

A/A: How did you get interested in film photography?

MD: My earliest memory of my love for film was when I was 7 years old, my mom bought me my first Polaroid i-Zone Instant Camera. It was the beginning of a life-long fascination. The real passion ignited with Lomography’s LomoChrome Purple film that I discovered in 2019, it changed the way I looked at the world.

A/A: What attracts you to film over digital?

MD: The unpredictability and tangibility of film really draws me in. There’s something about having one original photo that makes it feel so special and rare. When I’m shooting film, it challenges me to picture what hasn’t become yet. Digital is convenient, but I don’t get the same excitement of waiting and wondering how my photos will come out. My inspiration comes from being creative with the unknown.

A/A: Your images are filled with so much color. How does color play a part in what you're trying to achieve with your photography?

MD: My favorite shots are those with lots of natural golden lighting to bring out the vibrancy of colors. The color shifting properties of this film have changed the way my mind perceives things. I picture almost everything as it would be in a LomoChrome Purple world. Capturing these scenes on film make my daydreams come to life.

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