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Mikaela Rackham's "Interconnection"

‘Interconnection’ is a project exploring the various ways humans connect with nature. It examines various mythical stories as well as recognising the very real impact of nature on our being; on our soul.

This project features four women who have a strong affiliation with nature. Each of them use nature in different ways to connect with themselves, feel the energy from the earth and become grounded. During the project I worked collaboratively with each of them to produce photographic images which explored their own ideas around nature and its energy. We discussed the location, style and feelings they wanted to portray before the shoots.  The images you see here are shot on Kodak Portra 160and Ilford HP5 120mm as well as cameraless techniques. 

Whilst photographing each of the women I collected natural materials from the area or used the landscape to produce cameraless images, as a way of recording and preserving our experience. I also produced a video piece which tells the story of each woman along with their emotions and the power of nature, this can be found on my website:

See more of Mikaela's work on instagram at @mikaela_rackham

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