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Mikaela Rackham's nature themed imagery

"My name is Mikaela and I am currently completing an MA in photography exploring the longevity of myths and storytelling, especially those linked with nature. 

I am exploring ways to combine traditional and contemporary photographic processes in combination and conflict with one another to produce images which reference our relationship with stories that shape us, and the world that surrounds us. The materials and subject matter I chose are intentional to resonate with the viewers memories. 

I use camera less photographic techniques such as cyanotypes, sunprints as well as expired polaroids and different types of film, including creating film double exposures."

See more of Mikaela's work on instagram at @mikaela_rackham

A/A: How did you get your start in photography?

MR: My obsession with photography started when I was really small using family film cameras. When I was 12, I bought my first point and shoot camera where I'd always be out in the garden photographing the flowers. It wasn't until College however that I really found my interest and this was due to the use of the darkroom, from then on I was hooked. After college, I completed a Fine Art degree merging photography with sculpture and installation as well as print making. I now teach art and photography whilst continuing my own practice as an artist. 

A/A: What got you interested in alternative processes?

MR: My interest in alternative processes started when I was at College, I was interested in merging images together, using various techniques and mediums to create collages. During University, I would use digital or analogue photography as a starting point, experimenting with the images, developing and refining them into a final outcome. 

I enjoy using alternative processes because I am originally from a Fine Art background, they enable me to be experimental and really creative. I find they add a quality to the images which you can't always get when digitally manipulating the images and the processes you can use seem never ending! There is always something new to try! A/A: Where do you find your inspiration?

MR: The inspiration for my work comes from myths, stories and poems which have a strong link to nature. I am interested in the longevity of these myths and how they always teach us to come back to nature and ground us. I have been bought up to use my imagination, listen to my dreams, and be in nature, so that comes through my work. 

A/A: What are you working on next?

MR: Currently I am completing an MA so I am working on lots of different projects which will come together during my FMP. My most recent project is exploring the different connections people make with nature. I have been researching the Native American culture thinking about how they would use nature to guide them. The people who have been chosen for my upcoming or recent shoots all have a strong affiliation with nature and I hope to capture this through the use of film, moving image and poetry. 

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