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Miles Brokenshire experiments with 4x5 with astounding results

Miles Brokenshire didn't use specialty film for these shots. He used a variety of methods, including pushing/pulling and intentional light leaks to get these effects. He is inspired by the environment around him and captures it exquisitely in this series of photos.

See more of Miles work on instagram at @shymossy

ALTER/ANALOG: What inspires you?

MB: We never quite realize it, but every structure we’ve casted our human existence into has been a mass variety of canvas option. Whether it’s stone, tree, or sand, anything that matches it’s marvel. When it reveals itself in nature it often becomes unnoticed, but in fact, it’s a dancer you’ve yearned to capture and experience. Knowing that I can absorb myself into an environment and feel the splendour if it all is what truly inspires me.

ALTER/ANALOG:  How long have you shot film?

MB: I’ve shot film since I was 14. I knew it’s nature then, but not it’s full potential. But an eagerness to engage in further development further ensued.

ALTER/ANALOG:  What is it that you like about alternative processes?

MB: My love affair with alternative processes started with liquid emulsion and Polaroid transfers.

ALTER/ANALOG: You shoot 4x5.  Amazing!  What camera do you shoot on?

MB: The 4x5 Graflex Press Camera is a marvel that I’ve had for a great time. It’s the most effective apparatus I’ve utilized.

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