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Milo Costelloe exposed film to light prior to shooting to create surreal red tinged images

Milo Costelloe is like a mad scientist of film. He soaks, bleaches and exposes his film to light before shooting. In this series he got some pretty amazing tones from a red light.

"Hailing from London, I started studying at UAL (University of the Arts London), Camberwell College doing a one year degree last year in Fine Art Photography and starting a three year photography course at Brighton the next year. My work is inspired by the psychedelic and surreal works of 20th century; I attempt to reflect and evolve this in my portfolio by using alternative analog techniques."

Milo's instagram is @sunbleached_photography

ALTER/ANALOG: How were these photos created? Can you describe the process?

ML: These photos were created by exposing the film very faintly to red light prior to exposure. I did this by holding a red light across the room in complete darkness from the film.

ALTER/ANALOG: Where were these images shot at?

ML: These images were shot across London in Camden and Camberwell.

ALTER/ANALOG: What got you interested in analog photography?

ML: I got interested in film photography after started working in Camden Market on a camera stall and found the hands on approach to be the best approach for me.

ALTER/ANALOG: You do a variety of alternative processes. What are you planning on trying next?

ML: Next up i have plans to create more surreal images by adding to my series of bleaching found negatives and slides of my grandad's excess collection.

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