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Natalia Romay reveals the poetics of film

"Natalia Romay. Analog and experimental photographer. Born in Buenos Aires and living in Madrid since 2002. Degree in Radio and Television Production and Direction (Universidad de Belgrano, Bs. As.) + Master's Degree in Author Photography (Lens, Madrid). I focus my work between analog and instant photography and poetic and manual collage. I am interested in the poetics of the everyday, the mystery that surrounds the invisible and the imagination; and I try to capture it through alternative experimental and tangible processes that require a more leisurely time in creation, where I can work with my hands to create my own visual universe. I develop my own reels and continue with my personal work with my enlarger in my lab (darkroom) in Madrid, where I also teach developing classes. I have participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Spain."

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A/A: How were these images created?

NR: I have created these images during their development through the application of chemicals, paint and water, but one aspect that plays a very important role in the process: chance.

A/A: What attracted you to alternative processes?

NR: From alternative processes, I am attracted to being able to go beyond the reality of traditional photography to create my own universe through unique images where chance intervenes and I can reveal the mystery that underlies everyday life.

A/A: What do you think the role of abstraction plays in photography?

NR: From abstraction we can represent different concepts going beyond reality itself, what we are already seeing, and it is at that moment where our imagination begins to work.

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