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Patryk Klimkowicz uses garment dyes to illustrate we may be part of something greater

Patryk Klimkowicz makes images that look like enchanted alien landscapes. Here reveals one of his methods of creating these otherworldly photos. Following is his process and description of the series in his own words.

"What I did here is quite simple, it's sort of a more controlled film soup made by using the dyes. These are normally used to dye garment (very popular for tie dye t-shirt fans), however if you wet the film and then spill some dye on it you can achieve some psychedelic effects similar to film soup, yet more controlled. It is important to spill them on the side with the uncovered gelatin (it's way more dull when the film is wet), because it's actually the gelatin (at least I came to this conclusion) thanks to which it is possible to dye the film.

There are also some other ways to play with the dyes to achieve different effect, or you can mix the techniques, Recently I have ordered some natural dyes made for dying food, and will see how it works.

This mini series was shot during my trip to Slovakia. The photos can be considered a part of my long lasting "project" (not sure if to call it a project or just one of the themes which I really often refer to in my works). They touch the topic of being deeply rooted in almost all human cultures. It is my personal travel through different locations normally connected and associated with Catholicism\Christianity (which has really strongly influenced Polish culture, apparently Slovakian too). Through those photos I try to show that there may be something more to it than just what religions show us, rediscovering it in slightly more universal, psychedelic way, trying to interpret it again from scratch, showing that maybe it is not most important what we believe in, or where we were raised but what we represent as human beings, as individualities. Maybe being a part of something greater, maybe not."

Patryk is on instagram at @moongrowl

ALTER/ANALOG: Did you learn the dye process from somewhere or did you come across it on your own?

PK: I came across it on my own. It started with film soup experiments, and we were also doing tie dye t-shirts with my friend that time so I started to wonder what if you combine those two. First I started to dye the whole rolls of film in the powder dye mixed with water, but it pretty much resulted in a regular film soups. Then when I started to experiment with dying the developed films, it actually took me a surprisingly short while to achieve satisfying results. I still think it's just the beginning and I intend to experiment with more types of dyes. I recently bought edible dyes in gel and powder and will see how it goes.

ALTER/ANALOG: Your images have an otherwordly quality I haven't seen achieved anywhere else. What is your inspiration?

PK: I've always been into science fiction and fantasy and always had a crazy imagination. I often think about what we are yet to see in this vast universe surrounding us and also used to think a lot about religion and considered various beliefs. Photography was usually considered as a means of capturing reality, much less often creating one. For me it's all about creating and experimenting. Creating your own worlds and realms, dreams and fears. So I think the answer would be that the known and unknown inspires me, the possibility of discovering something new, exploring the unknown. Also aliens are my inspiration hahaha.

ALTER/ANALOG: How long have you shot analog?

PK: I have been shooting analog for roughly 2 years.

ALTER/ANALOG: What projects do you have in the works we can look forward to?

PK: Recently I started to experiment with developing films at home. Together with my flatmate, who is also an analog photographer, we bought C41 chemistry. I started with developing old Orwo and Svema films before developing anything meant for C41. So probably some experiments related to cross processing some old films. I will also be starting an alternative instagram account devoted solely to 110 film photography (I'm in love with this lofi vibe) and the cameras are so charming. I have also recently had a pleasure to shoot a session for my friend's band - post soviet vibe and dyes. In general, I think more and more experiments coming.

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