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Paul Fisk's modified camera experiments

"I see myself as a machine operator, a machinist gets a drawing for a part then works out the best way to make that part and sometimes has to make other parts to achieve that.

So that is how I often work for these type of pictures. I start with a drawing/doodle then see how/if I can achieve that. I make many parts using a 3d printer for some. I modify cameras and even exploit the camera faults but mostly I mask in front of the lens and behind it. For most of these pictures I work in the very belly of the film consuming beast, the camera is my workshop/darkroom which has to be one of the smallest darkrooms around."

See more of Paul's work on instagram at @the_real_p_fiddy

"I have practiced film photography since 2017 when a good friend introduced me to the film swap idea and from there my film romance developed. Soon after shooting my first double exposures I realised I was seeing the same ish pictures and grew bored although my finding an old school splizter/mask on ebay for 0.99p kept my interest going. That and fighting the frame overlap which seems to plague all my Olympus cameras, which I dedicated a folder on Flickr called My Pursuit of Overlappiness. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with these double exposures and I still very much enjoy them and have played with making different kinds of splizters and I now use the overlap as a tool too although I still battle the odd random overlap skirmish.

I don’t claim any artistic content with these pictures and they are full of mistakes. I have burned through countless rolls of film and hours. It’s my struggle to do something different and for the challenge. I’m now at the point to build my own camera apart from the lens, to do the things I want and hopefully will speed up the process with these type of pictures."

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