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Paul Fisk's trial and error experiments

I'm still the same ordinary bloke in the street who doesn't actually shoot street. I have used my hands and tools all my life and a camera is a tool to me. I still doddle then as a challenge try to shoot it on film, a bit like someone with a crossword or something. The camera is the pen/pencil for me. The resulting picture is just proof that I have done something with my time.

Few things have changed since the last feature. I have won Lomography's Trial and Error Experimental competition twice, although first time was 2019. I have completed my one and only commission last year, and I still haven't got around to building my own camera yet.

Some info about the pictures: all are unedited and in camera. The first picture is a happy accident and, although I don't usually embrace these, I'm claiming it as one of my children. I forgot to roll on and there is so much time in it. The first five are all internal masks by the way, and the long architectural blue one is a personal best of 32 exposures with the same modified Box Brownie. I have been chasing something for the last 3 weekends and messing up a lot, hence the happy accident. People must think I'm some sort of weirdo hanging around the same places. The last two are quick doubles.

Instagram : the_real_p_fiddy

Lomography : pfiddy

A/A: What has inspired you as a photographer?

PF: My inspiration comes just from every day stuff mainly. I don't have any photographers or artists that I look to. I do get a lot from Instagram and the random stuff that appears on there. Watching TV, I get a lot from the adverts and one of my pictures was inspired by the end titles to a Jason Bourne movie.

A/A: Do you find your work has a theme?

PF: My work does seem to follow an architecture and nature (trees) theme.

A/A: What attracted you to abstract work?

PF: I was attracted to the abstract scene because honestly I can't really take a good photograph of anything. They just end up being record shots. So double exposures was for me a way of making half decent photos. The in camera masking is a step further and much more challenging.

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