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Poppy Barnett's perfectly executed double exposures explore the connection between people and nature

Poppy Barnett's photos are captivating. The images of the English countryside superimposed with portraits are delicate and compelling. The quiet nature of the photos conveys the feel of the idyllic area of Britain she calls home.

"I'm Poppy, an aspiring photographer from Devon, England exploring film as a medium. I have been experimenting within the unpredictable and whimsical nature of double exposures, allowing me to interconnect all aspects of nature within my photography."

View more of Poppy's work on instagram at @poppygypsy

1. How long have you been shooting with film?

I have been shooting with film for the past few years on and off, but in the last year it is the only medium I have been using.

2. You are inspired by nature but your photos also include people. Can you tell us more about who the people are in the photos and their relationship to you?

The people that I photograph are generally people I'm closely related to e.g. friends, my partner or family. All of them, I believe, have a close relationship to nature, which I have explored in my double exposures.

3. Is it pre-planned that you match up the person you are taking a photo of to the specific image of nature?

Generally I do plan what the image is going to be overlaid with, but with the unpredictable nature of double exposures on film, this is not always the case as I only have a certain amount of control.

4. You indicated in your bio that you are an aspiring photographer. What are your future plans regarding photography?

My plans for the future regarding photography involve me exploring the world and capturing it as I go. Next year me and my boyfriend are going to America which really excites me as who knows what I'll stumble across.

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