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Ruth created a wonderland of color with her latest souped series

Our film community at ALTER/ANALOG continues to grow around the world! Ruth is a Latvian photographer who experiments with a cocktail of ingredients for her film soups.

"I come from Latvia and I enjoy experimental photography. I got introduced to analog photography a bit more than a year ago. Initially I didn't know about film soups, alternative processing etc., but once I saw that stuff on Instagram, I immediately knew I want to try it too. Gradually I started experimenting more and more and now I can't hold myself from souping a roll or cross processing it, for example."

See more of Ruth's work on instagram at @priezusils

ALTER/ANALOG: What process did you use on the film for this series?

R: Both of the soups were based on boiling my film multiple times and souping them in detergent. To one of the soups I also added some juice, rum and aloe vera drink, and to other one lemon juice and the marinade of peppers and lemons.

ALTER/ANALOG:  This series is a lot more damaged and abstracted than your previous one in ALTER/ANALOG.  Is this a new direction for you?

R: Film soups are so exciting and interesting for me. With each roll I am trying to find ways to create something even more extreme and new. It's pretty hard to stop now and go easy on my rolls, so yeah, it could be like a new direction for me.

ALTER/ANALOG:  What do you plan on doing next in terms of alternative processing?

R: In my camera currently is dia film, that I plan to soup, boil and cross process (I have cross processed dia film, but I've never souped it). As for film soup recipes, I've been wondering what could milk and chemicals in my grandfather's basement do to my film.

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