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Sarah Duignan uses specialty film to shoot nuanced images

Sarah Duignan made the most out of a broken camera. Instead of worrying about technical perfection, she created photos full of color, shadow and feeling."While I've been shooting film for about 5 years, I was getting a bit bored with conventional film images. I've always really loved playing with light and shadow, and wanted to enhance that so I sought out some experimental film (currently using a lot of Dubblefilm and Psychadelic Blues Film). My camera's light meter is a bit wonky, so I started taking that to my advantage after initially being disappointed with exposures in my early days. Sometimes I like to open the back of my camera up and burn the film a bit when I'm rewinding, to get some natural light leaks as well, or intentionally . I'm just learning (finally!) how to develop my own film, so I'm sure I'll be trying to figure out cool ways to soak my film or process it down the road as well."You can see more of Sarah's work on instagram at 

ALTER/ANALOG: You said your light meter is off. How so and how does that effect the images? SD: I noticed it under calculates aperture a fair bit, so I just learned how to work with it and play more with shadows and light than try and get more polished or technically good images. ALTER/ANALOG: Awesome. We love imperfection. SD: Me too! I'm always drawn to it because it tells a more nuanced story to me plus it tends to just look cooler in my eyes haha! ALTER/ANALOG: What has been the most challenging part of developing film on your own? SD: Hmm. I think patience and precision. I tend to jump the gun sometimes so agitating has been the most challenging part. And honestly finding the time and space to learn has been the biggest hurdle! But I love the chemistry component. ALTER/ANALOG: What are you looking forward to next with analog? SD: I'm trying out double exposures with this camera. I'm playing around on the roll I'm currently using and it's been a really fun experiment. So getting better at that and figuring out what scenes would be fun to do with that.
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