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Sarah Samson

"I’m a 16 year old living Virginia Beach. I just started getting into film photography in the summer of 2019. Photography is something I’m doing for fun but since I’ve been quarantined for 2 months it’s something I’ve been doing to forget what’s happening."

Sarah has been experimenting with disposable cameras and a Polaroid camera from the 80's. Featured are some images taken from a school trip to NYC just before quarantine and two instant film images.

See more of Sarah's work on instagram at @ssams0n

A/A:  What got you interested in film photography?

SS: I got into film photography from my old brother, he's a photographer, and I used to help him with his shoots and he'd show me these cool photographers and give me some magazines to look at, and slowly I got interested when I was a freshman. And when he moved out he gave me his Miranda Sensorex, my first film camera, in 10th grade and it just went from there.

A/A:  What appeals to you about alternative processes?

SS: What appeals to me with the alternative process is that you never know what the photo will look like immediately, so each picture I try my best to capture something worth waiting for. Also, getting the film developed is really slow, so just thinking about all the shots and how they might look gets exciting.

A/A: Do you find that your work has a theme?

SS: I don't think there's a theme in my work yet, or I haven't found a clear one. I'm still exploring what I like and experimenting, so for some time I don't think an evident theme will be there yet.

A/A:  What are you currently working on?

SS: I'm working on two videos, but that's all I will say about them. Just stay tuned and probably by late June or early June they will be out.

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