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Silvestras Kobernikas' "ALTERED CITY"

"I soak my films in various chemicals, and liquids, at the moment I have an ongoing project "Altered City", where I do an exploration of my hometown after living 4 years abroad, it's a great way to explore the city. Also this project helps me to fall in love with my hometown, film soup technique was chosen almost by accident, but I adore the psychedelic look of the pictures and I'm trying to make the whole process more interesting by reading about it and watching videos, just to make it all better at the end.

Mostly I choose randomly, some of the substances are used quite often,

cause they've been tried a couple times, and I do already know, 

how they will affect emulsion. Some of the recipes have some sentimental

value, in ingredients, or in the smell they diffuse. With the "Altered City"

planning to go a bit deeper into the city, exploring outer city districts,

and trying to make recipes more close to the districts. Until now,

the whole project was quite in an experimenting state. Hope to cover all of 

the city next year, cause days are getting shorter, and the weather becoming

not as friendly as summer or spring."

See more of Silvestras' work on instagram at @kolor.silver.lab

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