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Stacey Porrazzo plays with the uncertainty of film

"I grew up in the desert of Arizona. This state is definitely an interesting place, and has so many contrasting landscapes. I’ve always loved being outside, exploring and discovering things. I believe I convey that a lot through film as well, trying to capture interesting natural patterns and cool things in nature that I see and adding a dreamlike feel to them. It’s fun experimenting with film here and adding a bit of life and color to the desert!"

See more of Stacey's work on instagram at @animalaminal

ALTER/ANALOG:  What processes did you use to create these images?

SP: These images are all captured on various specialty and expired film. I love the uncertainty of these films, and the dreamy, magical vibes! It’s always something new and that’s exciting to me. I also enjoy double exposing my photos and bringing an otherworldly perspective to the viewer. I really want to get into alternative processing as well!

ALTER/ANALOG:  Your photos are very colorful.  How does color play a role in your work?

SP: I like how the color adds life and light to everyday things, letting the viewer experience an eerily beautiful or surreal scene or something you wouldn’t normally see. It lets you escape into a psychedlic fantasy, yet comforting, world while amongst any chaos in this one. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What got you interested in film versus digital photography?

SP: I love the timeless and imperfect feel of film compared to digital, and the whole entire process that goes into it. You never know what you’re going to get and I really enjoy that aspect. There’s a lot more character and life to film in my opinion. I also way overshoot with digital, and I never have the patience to go through all of the images and edit them. Plus I enjoy being more hands-on and getting away from a computer screen. Film is fun and imaginative, and you can get really creative!

ALTER/ANALOG:  How long have you been shooting film?

SP: Since I was a kid. I used to carry around disposable cameras everywhere and when I got a little older I started shooting with my grandpa’s old Minolta X-370 that my dad still had and shot with as well, and that’s when I really started loving film. I slowed down drastically in my film journey for a while until I moved to New York for a few years. There was a whole new and polar opposite landscape to explore and so much to be inspired by, and I think I brought that momentum back with me to Arizona and I’m excited to dive into new things!

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