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Tania Kaaz answers 7th graders questions

Updated: Feb 2

Happy new week, analog enthusiasts! I'm the creator and editor of Alter/Analog and this week I'm featuring myself. Since I can't interview myself, I thought it would be fun to have my son's friends ask me questions about my photos and answer them. These kids are in 7th grade. Scroll below some my favorite photos I've created to see what the kids have to ask me.

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Sebastian: Why leaves pink? (referring to the 2nd to last photo)

Tania Kaaz: This photo was shot on a specialty film called LomoChrome Purple. The film makes green tones come out pink and purple. The mechanism of this is kept a secret by Lomography.

Skylar: What's wrong with it? (referring to the last photo)

Tania Kaaz: I practice alternative processing, which creates images that look different from what the eyes see. What do you think of it?

Skylar: Ohh

Cole: WHAT THE HELL IS IT? (referring to the 1st photo)

It's expired film soaked in hydrogen peroxide for 25 minutes and developed at home. What do you think of it?

Cole: It's weird

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