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Tomasz Zaleski's "Bird" series

Tomasz Załęski. Born 5.10.1974 in Płock, Poland. He takes pictures using Instax and Polaroid technology. He is involved in staged, creative and artistic photography. He likes the original atmosphere, avant-garde and horror. Creative and unconventional. He realizes his ideas mainly in the open air. Loves alternative fashion and unconventional styling. He prefers ranges such as portrait, fashion and nude. 

Laureate of Corel "In a distorted Mirror" Digital Photography(Fotografia cyfrowa) competition 2006, published in the magazines "Mega Zine Lost & Found" 2015/2017, "Foto" 2000,  and EYE-Photo Magazine 2018, author's exhibition "Tomasz Załęski Photographs INSTAX" 2018.

He is passionate about music. Enthusiast of the climate: industrial, dark locations and surrealism.



"Bird' project I have been fascinated with instant photography all the time since the beginning of my fascination with photography. It is based on the use of Dr. Plague mask, in unusual places, with unusual gadgets. I am interested in industrial places, abandoned, forests which I try to use in the photos that I create."

ALTER/ANALOG: What got your interested in instant photography?

TZ: For the first time I had a close contact with instant photography during White Alice's fine-art photography workshops in 2017, it was the summer edition. Later I was going over articles about recurrent Polaroid company, photos are made wherewithal w/w cameras and my journey has started.

ALTER/ANALOG: How long have you been a photographer?

TZ: I have been a photographer since my high school, it has started about 1991.

ALTER/ANALOG: What is the significance of the plague mask in this series?

TZ: This mask, as you know, is famous for the Middle Ages. It was a time, when the pest overrun the whole Europe. Doctors were wearing characteristic masks which resemble the peck of the bird. Doctors as well as people, who were suffering from the pest, were treated as those, who were written off in advance. That is why the title of the project sounds: "Bird". I decided to named it "Bird" to feed the mystery and the darkness of photos.

ALTER/ANALOG: What are you working on next?

TZ: I 've decided to renew the continuation of the "Bird" project- It is possible that it could be some kind of never-ending story. I would like to create a short cycle named "Fisherman" or "Angler", but on the other hand it is still a secret.

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