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Wanda Coccia's painterly instant imagery

Wanda Coccia's instant photos evoke still life paintings. Subjects as everyday as carnations, candles and macarons become transformed by light and the peculiarities of instant film into pieces of art.

See more of Wanda's work on instagram at @wanda_coccia

ALTER/ANALOG: Why did you choose instant film as your medium?

WC: I love instant film very much, because I love seeing the images developing in my hands. Instant photography it is also exiting for me, because of the suspence that comes from those 15 minutes waiting for the image to develop and for the always unique results: the same subjects under same light and environment condition will never be exactly the same. I think this is pure magic.

ALTER/ANALOG: Your photos have an almost painterly quality. How do you achieve this?

WC: I think the results are achieved by the study light, composition and previous preparation. But on the top of everything: instinct. 

ALTER/ANALOG: Is there a subject you find yourself shooting more than others?

WC: I truly love shooting common objects in still lifes: with instant photography it's like bringing them to life. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What inspires you?

WC: Everything around me can be a pure source of inspiration. And with instant photography it's like seeing the world in a completely different perspective.

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