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Will Kaufhold's love of everything analog translates into stunning double exposures

Will Kaufhold is a photographer and musician from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. His photography consists entirely of film and he has been shooting for nearly 10 years. In his collection he has almost 50 vintage film cameras. His work has been featured by PAVED Arts and Lomography. Kaufhold’s photography has been used by many musicians in producing album covers and promotional materials. Most notably by the Toronto based record label Adhesive Sounds and the Montreal Band Majical Cloudz.

See more of Will’s work on Instagram at @f0rm

ALTER/ANALOG: When you shoot multiple exposures, do you plan ahead of time which subjects will be paired together?

WK: When I shoot multiple exposures I like to plan them as I go. I'm often looking for interesting textures, shadows, contrasting lighting, and shapes that may look interesting when combined. Most often, I can see a rough idea of the desired result in my head before I shoot the second exposure. Once I have the initial frame and an idea for the final product, I hunt around for a second shot that will fulfill the final image I’m looking to create. I'll look for two shots that have shadowed areas in separate parts of the scene, a texture in one exposure that will permeate through a dark area of the other, or interesting shapes and colours that will contrast and make an otherworldly effect.

ALTER/ANALOG: What inspires you?

WK: My inspiration comes from a few places. I love to explore new places and cities. I find that in my small hometown I often don't shoot that many photos, whereas when I'm abroad or travelling to another province I begin to find that drive to create new photos. I think this dynamic stems from a love of shooting jungle, greenery, and plants; where I'm from, we are stunted by a green-less winter for at least 6 months of the year. Even in our summer months lush greenery isn't really abounding. But give me a jungle or a bustling megalopolis and I'm inspired and ready to shoot. In a way it’s less about capturing the every day for me, and more about creating artistic representations of experiences I have around the world.

My still frames are also inspired by moving pictures. I take deep inspiration from the films "Stalker", "Solaris", "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives", and "Chungking Express", to name a few. When I see slow cinema with that gorgeous film grain I really start to feel creative.

ALTER/ANALOG: Do you have a favorite subject to shoot?

WK: One of my favourite subjects to shoot is my partner Lindsay. When we are exploring new places, I often take her photo. Photos of her surrounded by flowers or jungle have always been some of my favourite shots. I'm also always looking for the next conservatory or greenhouse. I'll keep coming back to them for photos. Something about the angular glass roofs paired with interesting flora really allows me to get my best photos. I'm also getting more and more into street photography, which leaves me constantly on the lookout for interesting strangers.

ALTER/ANALOG: What got you interested in film?

My interest in film photography first began when I saw photographs taken by friends. Once I understood that you could shoot double exposures on film I really wanted to try it myself. Film also really fit in with my interest in analog art production. I was already very interested in analog sound synthesis, so analog photography was appealing as it fit that aesthetic. Film is always full frame, so with a high resolution scan the quality can be amazing. There’s just something special about film photography that I think is never quite captured in a digital photograph.

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