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Yulia Adamova carefully crafts photos to bring ideas to life

"Almost all of my photos were taken by plastic cameras. Usually by Holga СFN and Diana F + (120mm). Film I use for taking pictures has often passed its expiration date. I like the result because it causes the color distortion, new textures and defects, all this gives the photos interesting details. I also often use a method of combining two frames and experiment with film by soaking it in different solutions. I find new interesting methods in the process. For example, plastic camera lenses are not bright enough, and when shooting indoors, even with a high ISO, the result will not reflect natural color. It will be distorted in a very unusual way."

See more of Yulias' work on instagram at @yuliia_adamova

ALTER/ANALOG:  What got you interested in alternative processes?

YA: For quite a long time I just looked at works in various techniques. Most of all I liked photos that were unlike classic. Particularly I was impressed by the photos taken with plastic cameras and expired film because of the deformation of color, texture and glare. I also really liked the result of cross process film development, the color then becomes just crazy.

I started using film in 2013, I’ve just got a plastic Holga camera as a present. It was in beautiful mint color. It is still with me and is one of my favorite cameras. Some time ago its lens was slightly deformed and the meters cannot be set but that does not bother me at all.

In my work I don’t strive for perfection, on the contrary, I am always pleased with film defects, glare, improperly set exposition.

I first tried to soak the film in the solution last summer. I used several recipes: with lemonade, silica gel solution, with washing powder and I also cooked film in boiling water. I was very impressed with the result.

ALTER/ANALOG:  Why did you choose film over digital as your medium?

YA: For me analog photograph is like a picture. You have an idea and you try to bring it to life. This slow process is very similar to the steps of a leisurely person. And how beautiful the flaws of the film look!

I like the creation process from the beginning to the very end, it is incredibly fascinating.

You only have a limited number of frames, and there is no need to hurry here.

So I continue doing it now.

ALTER/ANALOG: What inspires you?

YA: North, its coldness, the Arctic Ocean, the mountains, the theme of loneliness.

But often I find inspiration in the simplest things, in all that surrounds us.

Earlier morning, you woke up, the sun, sunbeams on the walls, a loved one and a peacefully sleeping cat.

Thoughts, ideas, good time for this.

I almost always think through the plot, and I think in advance about an approximate result.

In almost all of my photos there is only one person in the frame. He (she) does not look at the lens; his eyes are closed or he is depersonalized. Quite often he is depicted from the back and we already seem to look at his world through his eyes, his thoughts, we are like watching and following him.

I try not to rely on chance although of course the result is hard to predict when working with film. It can certainly become a very cool presentation of the material in the end.

 ALTER/ANALOG: What are you working on next?

YA: Currently I continue to experiment with solutions. Here, for example: one of my films was in the snow for quite a long time, until it melted and I wonder what effect it will have on film.

Also, recently, I purchased several rolls of color and black and white film that has expired over 30 years ago. I work with it at the moment. I always liked to shoot on expired film, but earlier I used film that has been expired not more than 5 years. I think it will be very interesting! But the most important thing for me now is that I am beginning to learn how to develop a film and how to manually print photos. I think that in the future I will have much more opportunities to apply alternative processes in photography

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