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Zeno Gill's "Morningside Colors" is an experiment in alt processing gone right in every way

Zeno mostly shoots portraiture and street photography, often in and around the city of New York. He shoots both digitally and on 35mm film, which he processes himself. The photos in this series were an exercise in experimentation that produced amazing results. The dye on the film enhances the urban feel of the images. Some of the dye is subtle, complimenting the sunny, warm atmosphere of the day when these photos were shot, while other areas of dye look like pops of neon perfectly magnifying the underlying energy of Harlem. Zeno is the founder of Fuzz Magazine and Film Without Frontiers. We are so honored to feature Zeno's work in ALTER/ANALOG!

View more of Zeno's work on instagram at @zenopox and on his website at

Fuzz Magazine is at and Film Without Frontiers is at

Model Paris Al-Atraqchi is on instagram at @parisalatraqchi

1. How long have you been shooting with film?

I've been shooting with film for about three and a half years.

2. You used dye post development to get these results. Can you explain the process?

This was my first time trying this. Once I had processed the film, I let it dry and cut it into six-frame strips. Then I laid the strips flat and dripped diluted food dye onto the emulsion sides of the strips and after a short time lifted the strips to let the dye drip off. Not sure if I'd left enough dye, I splattered and dripped more dye and let it sit a little bit longer. I plan to keep experimenting with this process.

3. What is the location of the shoot?

I shot these images with a Fuji instant camera in Morningside Park in Harlem.

4. You are the founder of both Fuzz Magazine and Film Without Frontiers as well as being a prolific and successful photographer. What can we expect from your projects going forward?

We hope to have a print issue of Fuzz before too long. Maybe for Film Without Frontiers, too, as it continues to grow. I've toyed with the idea of printing a book with some of my own street photography too. Otherwise, I'll just keep shooting and experimenting!

5. Is there an alternative process you would like to try that you haven't yet?

I have yet to try any proper film soups. I need to try that soon. But I'm also interested in more post-chemical treatments like this dye experiment. I plan to try dye or ink on black-and-white negatives very soon.

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