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Zeno Gill's "Plan Y"

Zeno Gill is a longtime contributor and supporter of Alter/Analog. His photography has been published worldwide. He shoots both digital and film and enjoys photographing subjects ranging from streetscapes to people. Zeno's experimental film work is shot on a vintage Canon AE1 and includes filmsoups and multiple exposures.

See more of Zeno's work on instagram at: @zenopox

Zeno's website is:

A/A: How long have you been experimenting with alternative processes and what attracted you to these techniques?

ZG: I started experimenting over four years ago. I'd seen some souped photos and loved how magical they looked.

A/A: What did you use as a filmsoup for this series? Do you have a favorite fimsoup?

ZG: Sadly, I don't plan or document what I use when I make soup. I almost always use a combination of things I find in the kitchen: salt, soy sauce, vinegar, dish soap, etc. I don't have a favorite recipe or any recipe for that matter. I need to experiment more. I think I'll soak in soup longer the next time I try.

A/A: What is your biggest artistic inspiration?

ZG: Seeing other photographers' work inspires me. Alter/Analog consistently shares great, inspirational photography.

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