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Zeno Gill's "Rockefeller"

Zeno Gill is a longtime friend and supporter of Alter/Analog. Zeno runs the magazine Film Without Frontiers, an online photo magazine dedicated to film photography.

The following series, "Rockefeller", was shot on 35mm film and souped before processing.

See more of Zeno's work on instagram at @zenopox

A/A: What is your photography background?

ZG: My recent photography spree began around twelve years ago, I think, when I moved back to Brooklyn with my family. My wife and daughter grew irritated by my always wanting to photograph them as we explored the city, so I began to work with other models and to shoot more street photography. A few years later, I picked up a Canon AE-1 and started shooting 35mm film. Not long after that, I began processing my own film, then I started experimenting with manipulating the film.

A/A: What projects are you working on these days?

ZG: The COVID pandemic resulted in my shooting less than previously, so recently I've been trying to get back into a rhythm to shooting more regularly again. Mostly I've been focusing on portraiture.

A/A: What inspired this nature themed series?

ZG: I shot these 35mm photos during the height of COVID, when collaboration of any kind was not a good idea. My wife, daughter, dog, and I went for nice walk at Rockefeller State Park Preserve, which is a beautiful area, so I brought along my camera with the intention of capturing some of the lovely landscapes then soaking the film in soup to achieve what I hoped would be a dreamy effect. I don't recall what exactly I included in the soup mixture, but I was happy with the results.

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