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Zeno Gill's "Soy and Buffalo and Dye"

Zeno Gill's urban photography always perfectly captures the essence of the city. In his latest submission to ALTER/ANALOG, he pairs substances applied post process with street photography to create images full of energy and motion.

See more of Zeno's work on instagram at @zenpox

ALTER/ANALOG:  What kind of dye do you use for your process?

ZG: I use ordinary food dye. I want to try some organic dyes in the future.

ALTER/ANALOG:  Where were these photos taken?

ZG: These were all shot in Midtown Manhattan between Grand Central Terminal and the Fashion District.

ALTER/ANALOG:  The effects of the dye really complement the subject of the photos.  Was this intentional?

ZG: After I shot and processed the film, I thought that the images would work well for dye experimentation.

ALTER/ANALOG:  Do you find certain emulsions react to dye differently?

ZG: I've only tried this food-dye process on two kinds of film so far, and the emulsion took the dye very well in both cases. Maybe too well. I may start diluting the dye as I did in my early experiments. And I'm still exploring other liquids that may dye or affect the emulsion in some way. Soy sauce has an effect, though subtle. I'm not sure that the Buffalo sauce had any effect at all.

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